Manhart Racing MH2 400 Clubsport BMW M235i front 3/4 view

Manhart Racing MH2 400 Clubsport BMW M235i is a Top Banana

Manhart Racing MH2 400 Clubsport BMW M235i front 3/4 view

The BMW 1 Series M Coupe was a collectible the moment the first one rolled out of the factory. Its descendant (we’re reluctant to call it an actual successor), the M235i, is cut from a similar cloth: BMW’s smallest coupe body with a muscular 3.0L twin-turbo inline-six under the hood. However, unlike the 1M, the M235i is a) offered with an automatic transmission, b) will soon be available with all-wheel-drive, and c) is being made in far greater numbers. So it’s an altogether more accessible hot two-door Bimmer.

Manhart Racing MH2 400 Clubsport BMW M235i rear 3/4 view

Consequently, the BMW specialists at Manhart Racing reckon there will be a fairly sizable market for its upgrade package for the M235i, the MH2 400 Clubsport. Yes, it has the expected subtle front valence and rear diffuser mods we’ve come to expect from Manhart Racing, but the slammed ride height, abundance of decals, roll bar, Recaro seats and four-point harnesses up the ante from this particular tuner’s usual projects. On appearance alone, it’s absolutely worthy of the “Clubsport” moniker.

Manhart Racing MH2 400 Clubsport BMW M235i engine view

But Manhart didn’t stop there; not by a long shot. The engine is now making 403 horsepower and 414 lb.-ft of torque (versus 320 horsepower and 330 lb.-ft stock), a KW suspension kit gives the handling an even sharper edge and, the pièce de résistance, a mechanical limited-slip differential from Quaife to take over from the frankly-inadequate e-diff setup BMW apparently decided was good enough. And speaking of good enough, the MH2 400 Clubsport should be more than good enough to placate enthusiasts until the wizards at M GmbH decide to build an actual M2.

Source: Manhart Racing

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