Nissan GT-R Aloof 01-R Version 2 by Gallant Abflug Requires Your Attention

Gallant Abflug Nissan GT-R 01-R Version 2 front 3/4 view

Back when the Nissan GT-R was being introduced, the Nissan folks boasted about how it had made the ECU “unhackable” for tuners. Well, it turns out that that impenetrable digital fortress under the hood…wasn’t. These days, tuning outfits like Switzer Performance are able to more than double the stock horsepower emanating from Godzilla’s twin-turbo V6 gizzard. And if you ask us, the world is a better place because of it.

However, most tuners (Switzer included) seem to be content with adding a couple of body modifications or none at all. That’s good if you do want to appear quite as fast as you are, but what if you want a GT-R that is faster and looks faster? Well, one company to talk to is Tokyo-based Abflug, who has just announced the Aloof 01-R Version 2.

Gallant Abflug Nissan GT-R Aloof 01-R Version 2 side view

Marketed as part of the premium Gallant Abflug line of components, the 01-R Version 2 is, as the name implies, the second evolution of the 01-R package for the R35 GT-R. The radical new front bumper features a narrower grille opening (giving the nose a pseudo-Z-car vibe), way more scoops, and a carbon fiber splitter. The rocker panel extensions feature scoops and vents near the rear wheel openings, and they flare outward to meet the aggressively flared rear fenders. The widened fenders then line up with the widened rear bumper, which features Audi-R8-esque vents below the taillights and a carbon fiber diffuser. Finally, the trunk is topped by a big, loop-style carbon fiber wing. Ride height has also been lowered thanks to new springs and shocks from Pentroof, bigger brakes (also from Pentroof) are fitted, and the stock wheels are replaced by Abflug’s own Prisim III wheels, measuring 20”x9.5” in front and 20”x11.5” in back.

Gallant Abflug Nissan GT-R Aloof 01-R Version 2 rear 3/4 view

Inside, changes are limited to a set of Bride Zeta buckets replacing the stock front seats. Odd that more isn’t done considering how extensive the exterior changes are, but we can live without acres of carbon fiber trim and French stitched Alcantarra. And those Bride seats are lighter and more supportive than the stock pieces.

The engine also gets a little attention, but the result is quite noticeable. A Pentroof ECU reflash elevates the 3.8L twin-turbo V6’s output from 545hp to 625hp. Not a colossal increase, no, but you’ll definitely feel it in your derriere. And you’ll feel the price of these upgrades in your wallet, but Abflug isn’t saying exactly how severe the pain will be.

Source: Abflug

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